One of the most essential purchases you need to make as a young parent is investing in a good baby thermometer.

There will be a lot of sleepless nights due to having the baby cry and you need to know whether something is seriously wrong or it’s just normal expected behavior.

Having a great baby thermometer will allow you to take the temperature effortlessly and  make a quick evaluation to keep your piece of mind.

Even in the case of a medical emergency it is extremely useful to be able to tell the doctor in charge the baby’s temperature beforehand so he knows what to expect and how to proceed forward.

But purchasing the best baby thermometers is not an easy task and we have gone through countless baby thermometer reviews to find the best ones to recommend you. Read below for in depth reviews of the best baby thermometers but if you are in a rush, here are the best selling baby thermometers on Amazon;

Product Brand Model
Braun Ear Thermometer Braun IRT6500US
Medical Ear Thermometer with Forehead Function Thermometer – by iProvèn DMT-489
Innovo Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer Innovo N/A
FDA Fast 10 Sec Reading Digital Medical Thermometer Enji Prime N/A
Clinical Digital Thermometer Generation Guard MT-4320
OCCObaby Clinical Forehead Baby Thermometer OCCObaby OCCOscan
Care Touch Digital Thermometer Care Touch ET110
Digital Infrared Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer Metene N/A
Clinical Forehead Thermometer FDA Approved Generation Guard GM-200F

Best Baby Thermometers Reviews

Philips Bath and Room Thermometer

The temperature of the room or the bathwater can spell the difference between health and illness of a baby. Even if the temperature feels alright for adults, its a different story for infants and toddlers, given their sensitive skin and their inability to regulate their own body temperature just yet. As such, the Philips bath and room thermometer can help concerned parents make sure that their baby is comfortable at all times.

The Philips AVENT SCH550/20 bath and room thermometer is a good device to have at home so that parents can monitor  the temperature to make sure that its neither too hot nor too cold for their little one. Unlike analogue room thermometers that are notorious for making measurement errors, this serves as an accurate room thermometer because it uses digital technology in order to make reliable measurements of the temperature, and it makes reading the device infinitely easier, since the temperature is reflected on the screen. The Philips bath and room thermometer is quite small, making it convenient for parents to bring it with them wherever they go to ensure their childs comfort.

The great thing about Philips bath and room thermometer is that its multipurpose. Its functions include:

  • The measurement of the babys bath water. As mentioned, a babys skin is very delicate. Too hot water can burn their skin, while a too cold bath can dangerously lower their body temperature and make them more liable to catch chills and other kinds of illnesses. The Philips device can serve as a bath water thermometer so parents can know at all times what the temperature of the water is. Since its encased in rubber, it can be used safely in water. It simply floats in the bath and refreshes its reading fairly quickly, so you will know at all times what the temperature is.
  • The measurement of room temperature. Its design allows the bath and room thermometer to be placed upright on a shelf or table, making it easy for users to monitor the room temperature. For a lot of parents, monitoring the temperature of their babys room is important so that they can ensure that it doesnt get too stuffy or too cold, particularly during night when its time for the little ones bedtime.
  • Serving as a fun toy. With its cute flower design, the Philips bath and room thermometer can also be a fun toy for kids. Whats great about it is that it is quite sturdy, so it can withstand being used in games. Since it is encased in rubber, it can also serve as a toy for babies to chew on when they start teething.

A lot of parents want to make sure that their babies are alright at all times. With the Philips bath and room thermometer, they can help their child feel comfortable, even when theyre bathing or sleeping.

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Aquatopia Deluxe Safety Bath Thermometer

Getting the water temperature right for bathing your little one is important to create the safest possible environment. It can be difficult to determine the right temperature from touching the water, so Aquatopia has created an easy to use thermometer that has the ability to measure the temperature of the water – ensuring the safety of the infant or toddler in the water.

The style of this thermometer creates a fun environment in the bath tub which allows parents to easily read the temperature while providing visual stimulation for the baby being bathed.

Features of the Aquatopia Deluxe Safety Bath Thermometer Alarm include:

  • No buttons to push and easy to use technology
  • Automatically activated once the water is added to the bath tub
  • Bath tub temperature changes are recorded using readings that are reported to the parent every two-seconds
  • If the water is too hot or too cold an alarm will sound to warn the parent
  • The durable construction makes it a great option for the bath tub as it can double as a toy to stimulate the child while in the bath

If the water reaches a temperature that is higher than 100.4 degrees, the easy to hear alarm will sound warning to the parents that indicates the water is too hot and the little one is in danger of becoming overheated, or have the delicate skin burned. On the other end of the spectrum, if the water is measured as being too cold, less than 89.6 degrees, the alarm will sound warning the parent that the water is too cool. A great feature that many love to have.

This easy to use bath thermometer is also easy on batteries. Once the thermometer is removed from the water, the automatic shut-off occurs to save the battery power and ensure that the thermometer is going to be ready to be used for the next bath time.

An affordable option to increase the safety of bath time, the Aquatopia Deluxe Safety Thermometer Infant Alarm makes a great choice for a baby shower gift or for parents to cross off of their list of things needed to bring the infant home to a safe environment. It’s available at some department stores, but more commonly found at a discount price on

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Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520 Thermometer

When an infant or toddler has a fever, it can be difficult to measure the temperature of the child with the traditional thermometers that require being held under the tongue, or the under the arm for nearly thirty seconds. Not only is it difficult to get the child to remain still, but it can often be difficult to get an accurate reading from other types of thermometers.

Using the Braun Thermoscan ear thermometer with Exactemp Technology, you can get the accurate reading that is needed, in one temperature. The accurate reading can be given to the parent up to ten seconds before other types of traditional thermometers, making it a great choice for parents that are searching for a quick and easy way to read temperatures.

Other temperatures can be difficult to read with the light sounding beeps that are used to determine when the temperature reading has been completed, especially with a crying baby – but the Braun Thermoscan ear thermometer has an indicator light that will remain solid when the temperature reading has been completed, blinking while the temperature is being read.

Included in the kit with the Braun Thermoscan ear thermometer with Exactemp Technology is the thermometer, cover, and twenty-one lens filters. Additional lens filters are available for the thermometer through leading retailers.

While tracking temperatures, parents can take advantage of the eight reading memory stored within the thermometer. It has never been easier to track and measure temperatures to ensure that medication are working, and the fever is being reduced in the infant or child. These temperature readings can be easily accessed through the internal memory, allowing parents to track the temperatures with ease.

For a thermometer that is accurate and that can take the reading within seconds, parents should consider the Braun thermometer. It comes with the quality parents are seeking, and the results they need when infants are ill.

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Some more of the Best Baby Thermometers to Consider

Dr. Madre Non-Contact Infrared thermometer

The biggest feature of this baby thermometer is that non-contact thermometer! This means you won’t wake a sleeping baby when taking their temperature, which I’m sure is a huge benefit. The Dr Madre works on infrared, and you can take the temperature on the babys forehead or ear. Slightly paradoxically, It also talks to you, although you can turn this feature off. This is one of the top selling baby thermometers on Amazon, so it really is one of the best baby thermometers.


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DT-8861 Infra Red Digital Thermometer

This thermometer is suitable for all ages, whether a new born baby or the the elderly. it’s also non-contact and you get an immediate temperature reading. Like most non-contact thermometers it can read the temperature of objects too! So you can use it to measure the temperature of you babys milk. Handy!



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OCCObaby Clinical Forehead Baby Thermometer

Also a non-contact thermometer, tht OCCObaby has a backlight for easy baby temperature checking at night. This baby thermometer also comes with a flexibile tip waterproof rectal thermometer. It has an instant scan and continous reading mode. Comes with a complimentary pouch.


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Kinsa Smart Stick Digital Thermometer

This baby thermometer is different as it is not a standalone thermometer – it connects to you smartphone (either Apple or Android). As it’s a next generation kinda thermometer, it can track fever readings and temperatures and you can add notes. Different family members can have different profiles. This is a contact thermometer, so works more like traditional thermometers.



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Braun Forehead Thermometer

The Braun thermometer is a contact thermometer takes readings in seconds by touching your babys forehead. It has a large color coded screen with fast fever detection. It’s safe and hygenic with no probe covers required. It’s recommended for all age groups.



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Baby Thermometer Buyers Guide

A lot of people are aware that a normal adult thermometer is not suitable to be used on babies, but not many people know that even baby thermometers are further classified depending on the baby’s age and the preferred method of taking the temperature. The most common baby thermometers are the forehead baby thermometers, rectal baby thermometers and ear baby thermometers and each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The forehead baby thermometers (also called no contact infrared thermometers) are used to record the temperature by being gently swiped across the face and forehead and recording the surrounding temperature of the body. They are usually extremely fast , the temperature being recorded in less than a second and non invasive, able to be used even on sleeping babies without waking them up. They lack a little in the precision of the temperature recorder (although the more expensive models are pretty accurate) and are usually a little bit more expensive.

Rectal baby thermometers are usually recommended for newborns and infants under 6 months old, because their ear canal has not grown enough to accommodate for an ear thermometer. An ear baby thermometer is used on babies from 6 months old until they become kids and can use an adult thermometer or a thermometer for kids.