Need the best compact dehumidifier for your home or office?

We’ve selected the top three products and made the process MUCH easier for you.

Compact dehumidifiers are frequently purchased for the home or office. The compact versions are generally used for smaller spaces, and although they’re small, you can’t underestimate their effectiveness.

The core of a dehumidifier removes moisture from the air. It’s a machine that is frequently purchased for basements because moisture in your basement is not a problem you want to leave unchecked.

A dehumidifier can work very well to remove moisture from any area of your home or office that needs it. Some consumers even use them in the bathroom. The best compact dehumidifier is meant for a small space, hence the word ‘compact’.

A compact model can save you money if you’re planning to remove moisture from a smaller area because it allows you to avoid spending far more money on a larger model.

Below, we’ve listed the three of the besr compact dehumidifiers, which we’ve hand-picked based on several criteria, including what consumers have to say about the products.

#1 Comforday Electric Portable Compact Dehumidifier

According to the manufacturer, our first pick controls humidity and eliminates dampness. It operates quietly and doesn’t use too much energy.

It’s small, compact and fits nicely in cabinets, closets or other small spaces. It has a 17-ounc tank, so it can operate for about two days before you need to remove accumulated moisture.

A quick glance reveals almost zero 1-star reviews for this product, and the majority of ALL the reviews are 5-star. In fact, there are almost no 1, 2, 3, and 4-star reviews to speak of, at the time of writing this.

The good: many consumers say the product is portable and cute. They also say it runs quietly. Consumers frequently purchase this product for use in a bedroom.

Consumers really like the size of this unit and can easily place it inside of a closet or cabinet. Consumers say it’s perfect for zone dehumidification and works amazingly well on hot, humid days. This product is frequently used inside of walk-in pantries.

The bad: the biggest issue that consumers have with this product is the process needed to dump the water out of the unit. Some say the process can be a bit confusing. Consumers say it’s perfect for small, compact areas, such as cabinets or closets, but it won’t work as well in larger areas.

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#2 Eva-dry Electric Petite White Dehumidifier Edv-1100

Our second pick is the Eva-dry Edv-1100. The manufacturer says it is whisper quiet and has a renewable reservoir. It doesn’t use too much energy and has a compact size, which is great for RVs, closets, bathrooms and cabinets.

The main reason why it’s so quiet is because it doesn’t use a compressor. The Eva-dry Edv-1100 has a healthy number of 5-star reviews, and overall, the rest of the reviews seem to be balanced well. In other words, it doesn’t have an abnormal number of 1 or 2-star reviews.

The good: this product is frequently used in coastal regions, where humidity levels are high. Consumers say it’s a great product for homes that have minimal ventilation.

They say the product is very effective at pulling moisture from the air in small spaces. It’s a great device for an apartment but isn’t large enough for an entire basement. Overall, consumers say the product does everything it’s advertised to do.

The bad: a few consumers have had issues with the product completely dying on them. The biggest issue that consumers have with this product concerns the power unit, which is cheaply made.

Another minor issue concerns the removal of the drain plug, which can be somewhat difficult. Overall, however, this appears to be one of the best compact dehumidifiers for the money.

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#3 Gurin DHMD-210 Electric Compact Dehumidifier

Here is our third choice. It is right around the same price point as the other products. The Gurin DHMD-210, according to the manufacturer, is UL and CE approved, whisper quiet and perfect for RVs, bathrooms and closets. It also consumes minimal energy and has a renewable reservoir.

The good: many consumers say this is the best compact dehumidifier on the market. Others say it’s exactly what they had expected. They say it’s small but does what it’s supposed to do.

According to consumers, it works exceptionally well for smaller rooms, such as small bedrooms and closets. A few consumers say it’s a very simple product to use and works as advertised.

The bad: some consumers wish the Gurin DHMD-210 had more power to offer. Others like the product but say it’s only useful for very small spaces.

The biggest issue seems to be that some consumers have unrealistic expectations for the product, but overall, most have had a very satisfying experience with the Gurin DHMD-210 Electric Compact Dehumidifier.

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