If you’ve been searching for the best budget electric freestanding range for any length of time, you’ve likely found that there are several options to choose from.

Gas and electric are two of the most popular options.

A lot of consumers aren’t comfortable with using gas appliances because they’ve heard the horror stories about whole-house explosions caused by gas leaks.

If this is how you feel, an electric range is the best way to go.

One of the greatest features of the freestanding range is the space. Ideally, it will have two separate rack spaces, so you can cook large holiday meals or just enjoy more space while cooking.

We’ve hand-picked three of the best budget electric ranges.

#1 LG LDE3037ST Freestanding Electric Double-Oven Range

Our first pick has an infrared grill, which makes cooking safer and more effective. It has EasyClean technology, so you’ll find it’s much easier to clean than many competing models. The oven uses true convection technology, so it applies heat very efficiently.

There is an easy access upper oven, so if you just want to throw something in it quickly, you don’t even have to bend over. The product comes with one offset rack and two standard racks. We believe this freestanding range will compliment any kitchen because it’s gorgeous.

The ovens allow you to cook two different things with different temperatures, so it’s great for those situations when you need to cook two different meals for the family. This range is even recommended by bakers. It’s also great as a replacement.

The LG LDE3037ST made our top pick because it’s gorgeous, very functional, offers more value for the money than other models and is well-liked by consumers.

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#2 Frigidaire FFEF3011LB

Our second pick is from Frigidaire. As the name would imply, it’s a 30-inch freestanding range, so it has plenty of space to offer. The Store-More storage drawer offers additional storage space, which is a godsend in any kitchen.

The Ready-Select controls let you adjust settings without even a little bit of confusion. There are two 6-inch heating elements, which use 1,200 and 1,250 watts, and there are two 8-inch heating elements, which use 2,100 watts.

The elements on the range are slab coil, and they have chrome bowls that make cleaning a breeze. The Frigidaire FFEF3011LB was engineered, designed and constructed inside of the United States. Beneath the oven, the Store-More drawer is the most unique feature it has.

It’s great for storing pots and pans that won’t seem to fit anywhere else. The ovens have both broil and bake features, and there are two racks with five different rack positions.

The range has a bright incandescent light, which makes it easy to check on food. The oven might be a bit small for some, but other than that, this is an excellent freestanding range.

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#3 REX204W Electric Free-Standing Range

For our third pick, we went with the REX204W. It has a thin-line design, which offers great cooking power in a slim model. The range offers safe heating and doesn’t take much to clean up.

It has a smooth ceramic glass top. The construction is superior to many competing models, and it has resilient white porcelain and enamel steel. It will look great in any kitchen. It really has too many features to list.

Since it’s electric, there is no need to worry about any of the problems associated with using gas as fuel. The primary material used to build the range is steel, so it’s got that tough build that you would expect from a freestanding range.

It’s a great choice for homeowners, property managers and virtually anyone who wants a high quality freestanding budget electric range.