If you’re like most homeowners, then you probably use your garage quite often. Great for sporting events or spending time with friends, the garage can be a fun place to hangout.

You know you want to have cold beverages in your garage.

Fortunately, the perfect invention has been created for ice-cold beverages whenever you need them – You need a refrigerator for garage – The garage ready refrigerator!

Chill Coke, Soda, Beer or other beverages in your garage, and they’ll be ready whenever you need them. We’ve taken all of the guesswork out of finding the best garage fridge and created the top three list below.

#1 Versonel VSL18RTC3B Portable Garage Toolbox Refrigerator

First up, we’ve got the Versonel VSL18RTC3B. What makes this refrigerator unique is its awesome style. As you can see from the picture, it’s actually made to look exactly like a toolbox. The unique design allows it to blend into virtually any area of a garage.

Three roller bearing guided tool drawers make the deal even sweater. Front locking swivel castors are three inches thick and made from heavy duty material. The swivel castors make the Versonel VSL18RTC3B incredibly portable, so if the need ever arises, you can move it out of your garage.

1.8 cubic ft. of refrigeration space gives you enough room to store all of your favorite beverages. There is also a three position adjustable shelf, which lets you set up your beverages exactly how you want them. Air inside the fridge can be set for 32 to 50 F, so beverages that try to stay warm won’t even have a chance.

The Versonel VSL18RTC3B is great because it’s there to serve you after a tough job. Just finished a major repair job? Maybe it’s time to grab a chilled beverage. The neat thing about this fridge is that it actually has functional tool drawers, so it’s not just for looks.



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#2 Igloo FR329-Red Garage Fridge Tool Box

Next up is the Igloo FR329-Red. It’s like our #1 pick, but it’s much cheaper, and there are some other differences. A capacity of 3.2 cubic ft. ensures you always have somewhere to place your beverages.

Four durable castor wheels let you rest easy knowing you’ll have no trouble moving the Igloo FR329-Red Garage Fridge Tool Box around your garage. An additional crisper unit, door can dispenser and drip tray are like icing on the cake.

The Igloo FR329-Red is great for work areas, garages or man caves, and it keeps beverages ice cold while blending in with your tools. At times, you might even forget it’s there! This fridge is a great way to keep chilled beverages in your garage without adding an unattractive alternative.

This type of refrigerator has man written all over it. It’s functional, but it also looks really cool next to all of your garage equipment.

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#3 SPT RF-314SS Double Door Garage Refrigerator

For our third pick, we have something a bit less dramatic. The appearance of the SPT RF-314SS doesn’t allow it to blend in as well as our other top picks, but you can’t underestimate the functionality. With a double door, you get both a fridge and freezer component.

For unmatched storage versatility, there is a removable wire shelf. A tall bottle rack and can dispenser make this fridge a worthy contender for best garage fridge.

An adjustable thermostat gives you precise control over temperatures, so you never have to worry about your beverages getting warm or too cold. Manual defrost option makes cleaning easy, and this particular model is HCFC free, as most consumers prefer.

The SPT RF-314SS has a compact design, so it’s ideal for offices, college dorms or other smaller rooms. For additional versatility, the doors are reversible.

Want to add something snazzy and special for the spare bedroom? Well, this is definitely the product for that. Overall, this is one of the best fridges for garage.

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