A pool table is a major investment and thus, it should be bought after making an informed decision. We recommend our readers to go for a slate pool table.

Slate is very durable and stable and is capable of providing exciting and entertaining gameplay to its users.

The use of slate material as the tabletop is the key to consistent and smooth gameplay.

To make sure that your investment is safe and perfect, we have some tips and reviews in this post.

You might have come across many options when you decide to buy the best slate pool table, so go through the following buying guide to help yourself make a decision.

Everything you need to know to buy the best slate pool table

Slate vs. slatron

If you want to buy a quality pool table, consider the slate pool table.

Slate is a solid rock that is made up of different minerals such as clay, quartz, and mica.

It is ideal for pool tables and is very expensive as compared to wood.

A slate bed is the best material for pool and the slate pool table offers a smooth surface for rolling the balls. Another benefit of considering a slate pool table is that it doesn’t warp easily as compared to a wood bed, however slate pool tables are the most expensive, so if you’re on a tight budget, you can consider buying the slatron pool tables. Slatron is also amazingly stable, durable, and waterproof but can’t be compared to slate.

Room size

Always measure the exact dimensions of the room in which you have to place the pool table. A table that doesn’t fit into the room will make it look congested, and the walls will scuff and be scratched by the cue sticks.


Always determine the functionality of the pool table you’re going to buy. Are you going to give it to your kids to play with, are you going to use it to play with your friends and family, or is it just going to be a centerpiece in your big game room? These questions will help you determine the materials and other features of the table.

Top Four Slate Pool Tables

Following are the reviews of the top four pool tables:

Fat Cat Crisco II 7.5ft Pool Table


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The Fat Cat Crisco II can be an amazing and entertaining addition to a pool lover’s life. Whether you’re looking for an aesthetic table or one to impress others with your gameplay, this table will not disappoint you.

It has been designed to suit different types of home décor and is one of the most loved pool tables for ages. It has a brown playing surface and is made up of MDF that improves its sturdiness and durability.


bar pool tableBring class and convenience to your home by buying the Fat Cat Crisco II 7.5 foot pool table. Since this pool table isn’t a large 8 ft. pool table, it is easier to fit into any space, even if it’s a small one.

The Accuslate surface gives the user a durable surface to play. Accuslate is a fake slate surface that is known for its durability and strength among the non-slate surfaces.

The classic diamond inlays along the rails, French-style drop pockets, and the brown wool cloth add to the charm of this table, and placing it in your house can give a professional look to it.

The beveled legs have built-in leveling pads that make the game more stable. These legs can make it easier to place the table and play smoothly on uneven surfaces too. The level pads are hidden and, thus, avoid a cluttered look to the whole table.

The edge accents are braided intricately, and the soft maple finish is just perfect to give a lasting professional touch.


  • 5 ft. pool table
  • Brown wool cloth
  • Table top made up of solid wood
  • 6″ rails and K66 rubber bumpers for a stable play
  • 1″ MDF Accuslate playing surface
  • Leather shield drop pockets and brown wool cloth
  • Beveled legs for a snappy look
  • White diamond inlays
  • Includes one set of pool balls, 57″ cues, two pieces of chalk, brush, and triangle
  • Dimensions: 89.5″ x 50.5″ x 31″


  • The pool table is very stable and durable.
  • Accuslate comes with a 7-year warranty against warping.
  • The strong frame provides good support.
  • The pockets are made up of good quality material.
  • The rails are made up of solid mahogany.
  • The large iron bracket attached to the legs provides strength to the overall unit.


  • The tabletop is not made up of slate but of Accuslate. The balls do not move that smoothly and quickly on Accuslate.
  • Requires a lot of strength to assemble.
  • The hard bumpers lack responsiveness.

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Fat Cat Reno II 7.5ft Pool Table


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The Fat Cat Reno II 7.5 ft. pool table costs much less than a slate pool table and gives an equally amazing performance.

It’s made up of the Accuslate material, which is durable and is one of the best and sturdiest among the artificial slate surfaces.

If you can’t afford to buy a slate pool table, you can buy this one that is equipped with a lot of features. It is a solid and sturdy pool table with a burgundy wool cloth.


best pool tablesThe Fat Cat Reno II is made up of a one-inch Accuslate surface that is built to resist warping over the years.

It comes with a seven-year warranty against warping, which makes it a much better option for all the pool and pool lovers.

It has a bold crimson wool-blend cloth on the top table that is finished with oak-toned accent panels and a cherry stain.

The 7.5 ft. playing surface is large enough for the players to have a thrilling and interesting game without worrying about wobbling during the play.

The maplewood veneer gives it a solid and professional look and so do the solid wood rails with diamond inlays.

The surface lacks the speed of a slate surface, but the smoothness and accuracy of the ball roll are quite comparable.


  • Table size: 7.5 ft.
  • Table type: Pool/pool table
  • Table support style: Pedestal
  • Tabletop material: Accuslate (Artificial slate)
  • Play-surface cloth material: wool-nylon blend cherry color
  • Playfield size: 78″ x 39″
  • Pockets type: Drop (French style)
  • Accessories included: One set of pool balls, two 57’’ cues, brush, triangle, and two chalks


  • It is large enough for a professional pool game but is smaller than the full 9 ft. table.
  • It is very easy to assemble.
  • It is backed with a warranty against warping.
  • It is very durable, and the rich wood accents give it a stylish look.
  • It is equipped with many accessories and is less expensive than the slate table.


  • It is expensive than other artificial slate tables.
  • It is very heavy and thus, it’s difficult to relocate it.
  • The K66 rubber is not that bouncy and the Accuslate surface can’t compete with the superb performance of a slate surface.
  • The two cues present are quite thin.

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Mizerak Dakota BRS 8-Foot Pool Table

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Slate Pool Table

The Mizerak Dakota BRS 8 ft. pool table will be a perfect addition to your game room.

The tabletop is made up of slate, which is a medium density fiber board. The Mizerak Dakota BRS is a modern piece that will give you a good game with your friends and family.


pool table game

It has a beautiful and stable design that can withstand warping and abuse because of the gameplay.

The reinforced pedestal levelers stabilize the whole structure and make it easier for the player to play even on the unbalanced and uneven surfaces.

The bluish gray wool-blend cloth allows the ball to roll smoothly. A pool table performs better when the table top is made up of slate material. This surface doesn’t decays or warps over time. The slate pool table surface ensures stability and durability of the gameplay. However, the use of this surface makes a pool table more expensive, but it’s worth investing.

The MIzerak Dakota has an internal ball return system that makes it more convenient for the players. For this purpose, the pockets are made up of rail integrations of plastic within them. The rail integrated system makes the balls come out and save the players’ time and make the game a hassle-free one.


  • 8 ft. Slate Pool table
  • Dimensions of 99L x 55W x 31.25H inches
  • Internal ball run system
  • Blue-gray wool-blend cloth
  • Reinforced pedestal legs with leg levelers
  • 3 5/8 inches laminate top rails with full profile
  • Metal frame rails with and laminate cabinet
  • K66 nose rubber
  • Rail integrated pockets with ball return system
  • Includes a set of pool balls, 2 cues, brush, triangle, and 2 chalks


  • It has a stylish and thin contemporary design that contributes beautifully to any room.
  • It has a ball return system.
  • The use of slate material makes it the sturdiest and most durable pool tables on the market.
  • It is not very pricey and enables the pool players to buy a slate surface table without going out of their budgets.


  • It has a low bounce in the cushions.
  • Self-assembly is a bit difficult and time consuming.
  • The ball return system is a bit slow and sometimes the balls get stuck in the pocket or to the PVC.

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Mizerak Donovan II 8’ Pool Table

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Pools, snooker, and pool have been one of the most played sports in the US and Europe for many years. People who love these sports look for the best game room equipment to make their gaming experience better.

The Mizerak Donovan II is one of the best slate tables on Amazon that one can get in an affordable range. The Mizerak Donovan II has all the features of an expensive table and is perfect for playing pool.


pool table felt

The Mizerak Donovan II comes in two table top choices so that you can choose one according to your budget and preference.

It is available in Slate or Slatron materials. The slate table top is much more durable and stable but is more expensive than the Slatron one. If you have no budget issue you should go for the slate table top.

The Mizerak Donovan II gives the room a unique and classic touch to make it look more professional, and the red cloth adds to its beauty.

To ensure stable play, the manufacturers have used reinforced pedestals that are fitted with plastic chrome levelers. The disk-style leg levelers will make it easier for you to play a stable game on it.

The Mizerak Donovan II has 3 5/8’’ railings that are covered with K66 full profile nose rubber. The nose rubber gives more rebound and consistency to the game.


  • 8 ft. slate pool table
  • Slate or slatron
  • 3 5/8” laminate top
  • Durable and stylish
  • Water-resistant
  • Wool-blend red cloth
  • Black laminate cabinet and metal frame rails
  • Full profile nose rubber
  • Reinforced pedestal legs
  • Chrome corner caps accent drop-pockets
  • Weight: 331 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 99’’ X 55’’ X 31.25’’
  • Includes 2 cues, triangle, set of pool balls, brush, and chalk


  • It has a very attractive design that goes well with any type of home décor.
  • An amazing pool table in an affordable range that matches the performance of very expensive tables.
  • The slatron option can be considered if you’re tight on budget.


  • Self-assembly is a bit difficult and time consuming.
  • The tools available for assembly are not efficient.
  • The table can’t be relocated because of the plastic chrome corner pieces.

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Final verdict

Before buying a pool table, its’s best to buy a slate pool table. However, if you’re on a tight budget, you can consider buying the non-slate ones.

Our top pick is the Mizerak Dakota 8 ft. slate pool table as it uses a slate bed and other unique features such as the ball return system.